Did you know that by clicking a web link, or opening an infected attachment in an email could destroy all the documents in your computer, as well as all the documents in your server?

We have solutions that we can quickly implement to filter all web traffic and scan all email for these infected items.


Antivirus software runs on your computer to detect and clean in real-time any computer viruses. Viruses can be installed in your network via web browsing, email attachments, USB thumb drives, etc.

A server in our office is constantly monitoring all antivirus implementations. Updates are rolled out several times per day.

When a virus is detected on any computer on your network, we are notified immediately. In most cases, the threat is removed automatically. If for some reason we need to take further action, we will notify you and proceed accordingly.


Malware is basically any unwanted software on your computer. These can be installed on accident by a user, or through computer viruses.

With proper scanning and monitoring, malware can either be prevented, or quickly remediated.


This is the absolute worst type of malware. After the ransomware gets installed on your computer, it begins encrypting all your pictures, PDF files, Word and Excel documents, etc. with a level of encryption similar to what our government uses to secure files. Then, you get a message on your desktop demanding payment in order to receive the decryption code to recover your documents.

Without a proper backup, you can almost count on never seeing these files again.


 A firewall is a device that separates your computer network from the rest of the internet. Without it, someone could browse the files on your server just like you can from your workstation. 

Internet Filtering

 With our internet filtering options, we are able to protect your computer and your network from known treats and infected websites.

Also, we can either remove internet access from employees that do not need internet, or filter by category: porn, gambling, games, shopping, etc. 

Spam Filtering

How much time do you spend per day deleting unwanted email? With our spam filtering solution, you received a message at the end of the day with all the quarantined messages that were blocked due to being marked as spam. To release it, simply click 1 button and it appears in your inbox.

Not only are the spam messages blocked, but messages containing viruses, malware and the like are blocked and destroyed.

We also have solutions for encryption and archiving to maintain compliance with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.